Zoom Media Gallery (ZMG)
Photo gallery component Joomla.

An excellent component for creating photo galleries for many users (multi-user photo gallery), that registered users joomla will have the opportunity to post, modify, create folders, edit or delete them on the basis of the features that you want to assign to your users divided by groups such as Author, Publisher, Pubblisher, Admin, etc SuperAdmin could adapt well to the creation of portals, only photos.

A lot of additional modules and functions among which e-cards, internal research, to zoom in on photos, comments, photos, choosing the size of the thumbnails and the magnification effect lightbox etc. .. etc. .. it is fully compatible with php4 and php5 and SAFE-MODE = on

But especially useful for your video files not just a photo gallery, but also the ability to upload and view media files to various video formats.

Zoom gallery download 2.5.1Joomla! extensions .

Zoom Media Gallery (ZMG)