Our XOOPS friends from China have developed little cute module for pictures slideshow with different effects, which can be then displayed in a block. This module is called “Spotlight”.

Currently there are five visual effects included, such as 3D rotation, widescreen, fading, etc.

I have replaced most of the hard-coded Chinese text with language variable, so now it could be translated into other languages. English is available.

Download: from our SVN

Our goal for 2011 is to leverage more XOOPS development from around the world, i.e. ensure that the modules are ready for translations (i.e. no hard-coded local text), and that we work together on improvements. A good example is the recent work on extGallery with XOOPSers from Italy, Iran, and Austria working on a module originally developed in France.

Please join existing development or start forming new teams if you want to improve on some older modules. The Blue Move should continue in 2011 as well