Joomla and management of permissions for privileged users

Joomla born with different levels of groups for users (Author / Editor / Publisher), but often comes the need to increase this characteristic, therefore we must seek alternative, looking for other components suitable for our needs.


  • Jacl +
  • Juga
  • Community-Builder + DOCMAN
  • other components ..

Jacl +

Component payment for the 1.5 version of joomla but for older versions is free. We can say that this is a change of heart in the old version, to be used only with the requested version and new installations. The system is very comprehensive and equally complex but does not act within a single article.


New component may still not very mature and report bugs. Allows you to assign privileges on components in a fairly granular contents (based on groups) but does not allow you to assign privileges to block items belonging to a specific section / category.

SimpleACL for Joomla!

SimpleACL for Joomla! is a simple component for Joomla that allows you to restrict? access to certain sections to particular users.

What? Is?

SimpleACL for Joomla! is a component (which works with a mambot) to limit to the number of registered users? read, write or edit the items belonging to selected categories.

The component acts only on articles (com_content), and does not affect other components (forum, newsletter, etc…)

SimpleACL into action after examining the default rules based on the level of Joomla? User (author, editor, publisher) and therefore does not conflict with them.

The component allows you to set up a rule d? Access by default, for example, may allow reading of all the sections as the default rule, only to restrict the users only a few details? Read access to one or more sections.

You can also block all the users? Read access as the default rule, then the giving? Explicitly access to some users.

What is it?

A typical case of? Usage is as follows:

  • A company or a? Body is composed of several departments and each has a special section on the website.
  • Each department has designated all user? Inclusion of content on the website of the company.
  • Each user must be able to post articles in the section dedicated only to their department.
  • C? Is a special user that it is public relations officer should be able to post articles even in the sections relating to other departments.
  • There are some sections that contain items required to be readable only by particular users.

SimpleACL can import permits d? User access to certain combinations / section, thus enabling this type of configuration.

How does it work?

SimpleACL uses a table to set the rules for? User access to certain pairs / section, the rules are controlled by a system when the mambot? User access to content.

To note

  1. The component acts only downstream of the predefined roles of Joomla, then a section is available only to users with role? Publisher? el? user role? author? even if you set an ACL to allow? access to this user, l? user will still have access.
  2. ACLs are in place (of course) only to known users and then authenticated using a login and password.
  3. ACLs only work in front-end.
  4. Users with role? Administrator? or? Super Administrator? are not subject to the ACL.
  5. Are not currently supported groups, the component is therefore not suitable to handle a large number of users.


The software is licensed under the AGPL (Affero GPL) v. 3.


The software is in its first release, so it can be rated beta.

If you find a fault, leave a message at the bottom of this page.


The messages are relatively few and are all contained in a folder? Language? with the file for the language.

Currently only the file on the English language is included in distribution.


All contributions are welcome:

  • code
  • suggestions
  • bug fix
  • food
  • money
  • Feedback


SimpleACL component

SimpleACL mambot