Script statistics counters and hits or visits

We list the most used open source systems and network known for generating detailed statistics for websites:

  • phpTrafficA
    Keeps track of multiple sites, and multilingual but no Italian, and access to the counter unique visitors, coming from search engines, keywords, and referrers, individual pages (counter hits, referrers, keywords …), city system OS and browsers used by visitors, traffic and location of the visitor …
    [ DEMO phpTrafficA ] [Installation Guide] [ Download phpTrafficA ]
  • phpMyVisites
    Track multi-site visits with users and roles also available in Italian, besides having all the characteristics common to these systems ..
    [ Demo phpMyVisites ] [Installation Guide] [ Download phpMyVisites ]
  • Arrow Trader Lite III
    To handle the traffic keeps track of your visits and multi-site also seems to be very light and used for adult sites
    [Demo Arrow Trader Lite III]

Other open source systems for tracking visitors

While there are other systems as listed below for which there is no need to install anything except a few lines of JavaScript code to add the pages you want to monitor. (Usually an include, wrapper, iframe)