Community Builder 1.1 stable community

Community Builder la community utenti per Joomla o Mambo The only component of the moment to create community with joomla, the system is very good and turns your joomla in a community of users who interchange information. Each user has a profile that can be public or private (the administrator) It integrates most of the components joomla as (forums, blogs, chat, guestbook and classifieds, events, messaging), etc. .. etc. .. thus the user can have its own dedicated page where it will list all the activities that has made the site with the latest announcements, the latest blog or wrote the last comments, his pictures, his messages, his friends, its URL, etc. .. etc … This is achieved by adding extra components

The package includes the (component and 3 modules in zip format) can be found in the downloads section of

For installation you will find a simple guide in the zip file. always recommend that you keep your current version.