WOX – World Of Xoops

XOOPS 2.5.0 Final has been released!

X3 Alpha has been released!

Welcome to the November 2010 issue of WOX (World of XOOPS) Newsletter  – (see here previous versions

This was probably one of the most exciting times for XOOPS in years! Two major milestones have been achieved – we’ve released XOOPS 2.5.0 Final and X3 Xoops Engine Alpha! The work is now focusing on X3 as our future platform. Also last month, we had tons of new themes, thanks to Algalochkin, and our new designer: Agadirna.

But as always, as the first thing in each newsletter we wanted to express our gratitude to all of you who have donated money to XOOPS Foundation! We truly appreciate your trust and support!  This month Ian Underwood remains the biggest supporter and donor – thank you Ian! If anybody else would like to donate – please don’t be shy!

Highlights of the last month: