Art Feature CarouselArt Feature Carousel is Free Image rotator and slider for Joomla! Features: * Free Image slider/rotator for Joomla! * Easy to configure * Images can have description and/or link * Supports major browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari, etc. * Great solution to present products/images to your visitors * Auto rotate support Version history: Version 1.3.16: – Code clean up Version 1.3.15: – Minor update Version 1.3.12: – More images can be shown in a carousel Version 1.3.11: – CSS improvements Version 1.3.7: – Links can be opened in a new tab/window Version 1.3.3: – Sorting support Version 1.3.0: – Several improvements – Do not show the links when they are empty Version 1.2.4: – No-conflict version to avoid conflict with old jQuery libraries Version 1.2.3: – Number of supported images increased – Several new parameters added Version 1.1.6: – Opera support improved