DID Reseller (DIDWW Affiliate)Now everyone can establish web-based telecom service and generate revenues on monthly basis. “DID Reseller” is a complete e-commerce business solution presented by DIDWW, will help you easily to deploy new or expand existing e-commerce ventures. “DID Reseller” is fully automated, fully customizable DID service reselling web-based platform, including end-user self registration and ordering, service configuration and provisioning, payment and billing, ticketing, administration and reporting modules. “DID Reseller” is based on the open source Content Management System “Joomla!” in conjunction with DIDWW API 2.0. Access to “DID Reseller” is free of charge and no licensing fees are applicable. The DIDWW white-label toolkit is published as an open source project the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2), please visit open.didww.com for more information.