paginator3000This plugin create alternative method of the pagination. It’s based on the standart Joomla Pagebreak plugin. So they cann’t work simultaneously. To use this plugin you shoud disable default Pagebreak Plugin. After that enable this pllugin and it will be work with default editor “pagebreak” button. It’s based on JS script by Karaboz Good news Every One: Now available full paginator3000 support. Not only in articles. In the package you will find paginator3000 plugin install archive and archive with template overrides pagination. Just extract it to the JOOMSITE.root/templates/NAME_OF_TEMPLATE/html/ and now you have wonderful pagination not only in the articles. BugFix, strongly recommend to upgrade templates files v0.5 Added new parameters keyboard Events, MouseWheel Events v0.4 Fixed issue with slider in chrome Jquery in compatibility with other libraries mode v0.3 Fixed issue with joomla in subfolder