Category BlockThe extension to show an articles in a blog mode, this component extracts first photo and first few words from the article, to make a nice description with “Read More…” link. There is a lot of settings like number of columns, styles etc. So it’s very good replacement for the built-in Joomla category/section blog layout. From version to version, whats new: * 1.1.6 Minor fixes. * 1.1.4 Module width fixed, scroll bars now automatic. Title issue fixed for sections and categories. * 1.1.3 Pagination in Category view has been fixed. Turn On/Off for “Read more” and “Title” added. * 1.1.2 Uninstall fixed * 1.1.1 Date format option added, Language pack fixed. Creates default module after extension installation. * 1.1.0 Language file added for: English, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Russian and Czech languages. * 1.0.9 Module flow effect fixed, more component css styles available. * 1.0.8 Minor fix. * 1.0.7 SEF support – supports Search Engine Friendly URLs. * 1.0.6 Module added with mouse scroll and auto floating effects. * 1.0.4 Now it will not show deleted or unpublished articles. * 1.0.1 First release.

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