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Foreign Exchange Rates Table With ChartsA live foreign exchange rates table displaying anywhere from 1-10 of your favourite currencies paired vs your default base currency. Daily change and live data for each currency pair, with rollover 30 day FX charts. Data live to 1 min within forex trading hours. Use can change to any of 120+ other base currencies. Style to suit your site (can remove border!). Thin width to fit most sidebars :-) Features: * Choose your default base currency. User can then choose new base on the fly. * Choose your default 1-10 currencies to display. * Rollover each currency pair to see Live 30 day charts * 120+ currencies, all interbank fx rates updated every 1 minute * Change the styling of many aspects to suit your website * Use our online designer tool and copy and paste the code where you want it! Have a play at http://www.foreignexchange.org.uk/widgets/foreign-exchange-rates-table-widget.html with our online designer

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