One click registrationOne click registration makes it possible for users to register really fast. Just fill in a name and emailadress and click the submit button and youre logged in and ready to go! This components also supports Community builder but you need to switch CBmode on in the components parameters after installing. I often use this component when i need some special input fields in the joomla registration form that insert data in third party components. Customizing the regular registration procedure can be a lot of work, and it gets even more complicated when you have a lot of components installed on youre Joomla that all need to be up to date. All fields have Javascript field validation. When registering the component checks for double usernames and emailadresses. Choose exactly which input fields you want to display in the backend parameters. People who know PHP and a little bit about MYSQL Queries can easily change this component for there own purpose. This is a beta version! Always make backups before playing around with this component. The component writes the data directly to the user tables: #__users #__core_acl_aro #__core_acl_groups_aro_map #__comprofiler (When CB mode is on!)