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Welcome to the February 2010 issue of WOX (World of XOOPS) Newsletter  – (see here previous versions

As always, as the first thing in each newsletter we wanted to express our gratitude to all of you who have donated money to XOOPS Foundation! We truly appreciate your trust and support! 

What a great start of 2010 – January was an extremely busy month. We've released XOOPS 2.4.4 and XOOPS 2.5.0 Alpha.  

Unfortunately, we also lost a member of our community – Marcello Brandao, who lost his battle with cancer. In appreciation of his vast contributions to XOOPS and saddened by his untimely death, the XOOPS Council decided to induct Marcello Brandao into XOOPS Hall of Fame.

We have also filed our deposition in court in Netherlands in a lawsuit against our former Project Manager, Herko Coomans, for return of XOOPS funds and Intellectual Property back to the XOOPS Community. We very much appreciate the support from the XOOPS community – already over 190 XOOPS Community members signed the petition for the court in Netherlands in support of it, and and if you didn't sign yet, please sign it today

Highlights of the last month:


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