The XOOPS Development Team is pleased to announce that a new release of the #1 CMS System hosted on SourceForgeXOOPS 2.4.5 Beta is available for download.

This release is a bugfix-release of XOOPS 2.4.4 and earlier, done by XOOPS Core Development Team and XOOPS community:

Updates upon community:

Fixed: Adding missing constructor classes for php4 compatibility (trabis)
Fixed: Problems with & a m p ; character (trabis)

Please remember: Please remember: This is BETA release for testing only!!!!

DO NOT install it on a production site and DO NOT upgrade any production site with it!!!

Download it from Sourceforge repository.

Please post and discuss all issues related to this release in this forum

We also need help with Translations

Questo pagina è disponibile anche in: Inglese Tedesco Spagnolo

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